Macrame Knots - How to Get Started On An Amazing Journey!

Published: 21st June 2010
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Macrame making used to be associated with small crowds of particular types of folk, but this is no longer the case! Today, macrame is practiced regularly by thousands of people in different countries across the world. In this article, ill examine the most common types of macrame knots that are used in this art form.

Square Knot

This type of macrame knot utilizes 4 different strands of material. Each of the 4 strands are parallel to one and other and only the 2 outer knots are used. The strand to the left is placed over the top of the 2 middle strands and underneath the strand most to the right. Similarly, the strand to the right goes under the 2 middle strands and placed over the left strands.

You should now have a situation where the left sided strand is over the middle strands and ends up on the right and the same should apply to the right sided strand (except that the right sided strand is passed under the middle 2 strands). You now simply pull the 2 outer strings together and tighten up.

Square macrame knots can be used for keeping beads held in place for the necklace.

Double Half Hitch

This type of macrame knots is created using a dowel. In the event that you do not have a dowel, you can just as easily use a knotting board (tie a knot to each of the cords and keep this in place on the knotting board). To achieve the double half hitch, a horizontal chord is set up across the strands. Moving from side to side, you bring the ends of the vertical strands up & over the vertical strands. Then you complete this by pulling the ends through the emerging loop.

The Double Half Hitch is also good for creating jewelry that's worn around the neck or wrists (i.e. necklaces).

Overhand Knot

Overhand macrame knots are very simple to achieve (think shoelace!). One chord is looped; you then bring one end and pass this under the chord and into the loop. More commonly, these types of macrame knots are used for necklaces.

The above is a basic examination of some of the more commonly used macrame knots. However, let me ask you a question; do you want a detailed look at macrame knots? Do you want simple to understand instructions with illustrations? How about access to a website which is completely dedicated to all things macrame? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then click on this link to discover everything about macrame knots, patterns (both basic & advanced) and where to get quality supplies!

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